Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be True To Yourself

Be True To Yourself

Hello There, TeejTracy here,

Just thought I could help out a bit, with some Helpful Tips 4 Blessings, I am not all that experienced, but in the past few years I have Learnt a lot, and Still Learning every Hour of Every day.
I, as a Youngster went through many Trials and Tears, We All have in our own Way, and this is what makes us who we are Today. I have and still am trying each and every day to "Practice what I Preach", as the saying goes, So Here Goes:

There's Not a Single person in this world that hasn't struggled or overcome difficulties at some point in their life.
We All face Challenges and Discouragement. At this very moment you may be facing one, whether its related to Money, Partners, Children, Health, Family, or Careers,

Recognize those Obstacles, they are apart of your Journey,
Don't let them stop You and Never Give Up!
Instead think of them as stepping stones, once passed, you'll be closer to your goals.
Don't ever forget that with Every Challenge, You become Stronger, Wiser and more prepared for the rest of Your Journey!!!
You Are Never Alone Through This Journey Called Life!

Believe that You're Special,
Through the hurt and the pain,
For the Sunshine will come,
After the rain.
Hold on to your dreams,
Let them not die
and live not in torment,
By questioning, why?
The answers are somewhere and sometimes unkind,
with so many reasons you never will find.
Be true to yourself!
Don't be what you're not,
for often you'll find
You're all that you've got.
Don't become battered
by games people play
and don't take to heart
what others might say.
You've got so much life
and so much to give
So go out and enjoy it,
Go out there and live.
Though heartaches are many
and tears they will flow,
The more you live,
The more you will grow.
There are many who love you,
Don't ever forget.
Let the past be a lesson
You do not regret!

(Author Unknown)

It is so very True, Don't just Dream, Live your dream.
We are All Unique, Every persons Life is a Fairytale written by God.
Honour your character and embrace your life Experiences.

Remember these 4 easy rules:
Free your Heart from Hatred, Forgive Always.
Free your Mind from ALL Worries,
Live Simply, Stop wanting what you don't have and Appreciate what you Do have! Give More and Expect Less.

So Until Next Time, Be Blessed.

Warm Regards