Thursday, July 23, 2009

TeejTracy God My Healer

Hello There, TeejTracy Here
(Please give All Credit to the Unknown Authors and Artists of These Words and Images)

I Hope You are Shinning and Smiling For ALL The World to See.
I Received Great News on Wed 22 July 2009,
The Doctors Informed me that I am 90% Healed and It has only Been 4 months!
They were so Surprised, I wasn’t, because I Knew and I Know that
The Lord God is The Healer of ALL!

I Know that I have a Purpose here on Earth, that’s why I survived my Operation,
and I am so Very Grateful for Going Through It.
You Have Purpose too, that’s why You Are Still Here. . . Embrace It.

Thanks again To Everyone for Your Love, Support and Most of All, Prayers.

Remember that Whatever Betide You at this Very Moment,
God Will Bring You Through it!

GOD . . .
The Power of Prayer is Amazing and The Lord says that if 2 or more Pray for it in His Name then it shall Be done.
SO . . . . PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens!

So Be:
To Everyone You See or Meet, you Never know what Their Journey is about!

You Are:

Because You are a Child of The Lord.

The 3 L’s of Life:

Enjoy Every Moment, Minute, Hour, Day and SMILE (Its contagious, so Spread the Love!)

Bye for Now
Stay Blessed and Keep Shinning ‘N Smiling!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How God Saved my Failing Kidney

How God Saved my Failing Kidney

Hello Friends, TeejTracy here…

This my Short Story of how God saved me…

All throughout my life, I have been to numerous doctors and specialists and each one said something different. I had been suffering with sharp pains, skin rashes and fainting a lot, especially when standing for too long. Every couple of months the sharp pain would come back worse than before. The pain felt like a stitch, from your hip up to the middle of your rib cage, from the front to the back.

As I was growing up, I was diagnosed with Urinary tract infection, with no explanation as to why I was getting it and was just treated with Antibiotics.

As a young adult, everytime I fell ill I received a different diagnoses, from Anemia to a hole in my womb from a Birth Control pill.In the meantime, I kept losing more weight, fainting more often, more abdominal pains than ever before, skin rashes worsened and my skin colour turned a brighter yellow.

I had moved in with my Mom and went to the Provincial Hospital. It was here that a young Radiologist decided to investigate a little further and saw something that wasn’t right, she then referred me to another specialized who took more blood and urine tests and on receiving the results, he scheduled the IVP X-ray.After doing an IVP X-ray, the Doctors discovered that I had Pyleonaphritis and they expected the worse, I might have needed a Kidney Transplant.

My main cause of Pyleonaphritis which is a Kidney Disease was mainly from my Biological father and grandfather, they both took Anabolic Steroids and my grandfather on the other side of the family took Quenine for his Malaria many years ago.

I was then referred to Madadeni Provincial Hospital, which is a Training Hospital.I saw the Urologists, and they immediately asked when they could operate. It was only then that I realized how very ill I was and was told that I only had a 50% chance of surviving the operation.

I went searching for a second opinion , all the Doctors had to do was check the paperwork and say Yay or Nay, but was unsuccessful. So we took it as a sign that maybe we were on the right track and I wasn’t meant to have a second opinion.

The Lord works in Weird and Wonderful ways!
I think it was He’s way of telling us to have Faith in a Him, put it in His Hands and whatever is meant to be, it will happen.

On the 16th March 2009, I was booked into Bed 9, Ward G3, Madadeni Provincial Hospital and went into Theatre on the 19th March 2009.

The whole time I was in Hospital, I kept my Bible right by my side and kept Revising, Praying and asking The Lord for Guidance and Strength.

Well…2 times in Theatre, four and a half hour major operation, 2 months recuperating and I’m still standing, living as normally as I can. The Lord saved me and I now know that I do have a Purpose!

YES! GOD IS GREAT. . . . . . .

I am truly Blessed to have The Lord, My Mother, Brothers and Sisters, Family and Friends all over the World, the Specialist Expertise of my three Doctors and the Nursing Staff at Madadeni, Everyone that supported with Prayers, SMS’s and Calls, it has brought me to where I am today.
Thank You to Everyone!

Stay Positive and Keep Smiling!
Warmest Regards

Friday, May 15, 2009

Never Quit

Never Quit

Warmest Greetings Friends, TeejTracy again.

I am Healing Extremely well and God is my Healer.

On the 19th January this year The Doctors informed me that I had Kidney Failure and on the 16th March I was booked into Hospital for my Operation due on the 19th March.

We Proceded with the Operation and with The Lord been my Redeemer, My Mother TrudyVan, Support and Prayers from Family, Friends and Now all my extended Internet Family, We Overcome!

I would like to Thank Everyone who Prayed for my family and I through this little obstacle and giving us the support we needed to get through it.

From the bottom of My Heart, Thank You All!

While in Hospital, these Beautiful messages came to me and i would like to share them with Everyone, maybe it could help someone in there time of Need, so if you need upliftment, This is for you:

The Lord God is educating you; that's why you must not drop out.
The trouble you're going through is not Punishment, it's Training.

In the Book 2 Corinthians 1:4 the message reads:
God comes alongside us when we go through rough or hard times,
and a lil down the line He brings us alongside someone else
who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person
and help them through it as the Lord was and is there for us.

Don't Quit...

When things go wrong
as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging
seems all uphill,
When the Funds are low
and the debts are high,
And you want to Smile,
but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit...
By all means Pray, and don't you quit.
Success is failure turned inside out,
God's hidden gift in the clouds of doubt.
You never can tell how close you are,
it may be near when it seems afar.

So Trust in the Lord
when you're hardest hit...
It's when things go wrong,
that you must not quit!

~By Audrey Jeanne Roberts


Faith lights the way
Like a candle in the dark.
Brightening the rocky path and
Encouraging the faint of heart.
Faith strengthens the weary
With Power sent from above.
And leads us even deeper
Into God's Unfailing Love.

~By Audrey Jeanne Roberts

It takes courage to live -
Courage and Strength and Hope and Humor.
And Courage and Strength and Hope and Humor
have to be paid for with Pain and Work and Prayers and Tears.

~By Jerome P. Fleishman

I have decided to write a book, it is a working progress but once complete I would like to share it with the world and Possibly help people along the way . . .

Hey . . . . God is Great!

May the Lord God Bloom in Your Life as You All have helped me to Bloom!
Stay Blessed and Don't Ever Quit.

Warmest Regards

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inspiration in The Valley

Inspiration in The Valley

Hello There, TeejTracy here again.

Have You ever noticed how Beautiful Life is. . . . Take a moment, a bit of quiet time to sit outside or by a window, and look around . . . What do You see. . . . . its Beautiful, isn't it.

Wow God Is So Good.

I've been going through a bit of Trials recently, so have we all; But I Believe My Redeemer Is Healing me. Its another lil' obstacle in the Journey of Life. I Will Overcome.

Through Christ All Things Are Possible!

What I have learnt from this, is that You Just Need to keep Your Chin Up and Smile.
No time for Worrying, Always look for the Positive, it's what keeps you strong.
They say that Worry doesn't prevent Disaster, it Prevents Joy....

In The Valley's. . .

Sometimes Life seems hard to bear,
Full of sorrow, trouble and woe.
It's then I have to remember
That it's in the valleys I grow.

If I always stayed on the mountain top
and never experienced pain,
I would never appreciate God's Love
and would be living in vain.

I have so much to learn
and my growth is very slow,
Sometimes I need the mountain tops,
But it's in the valleys I grow.

I do not always understand
Why things happen as they do,
But I am very sure of one thing,
My Lord will see me through.

My little valleys are nothing
When I picture Christ on the cross.
He went through the valley of death;
His Victory was satan's loss.

Forgive me Lord, for complaining
When I'm feeling so very low.
Just give me a gentle reminder
That it's in the valleys I grow.

Continue to strengthen me, Lord
And use my life each day
To share Your love with others
And help them find their way.

Thank you for the valleys, Lord,
For this one thing I know -
The mountain tops are glorious
But it's in the valleys I grow!

Author Unknown

And Remember that whatever you constantly think about and focus upon, you move towards . . . so try make sure that it's always Positive.

So Until Next Time, Keep Your Chin Up, Smile and Be Blessed!

Warmest Regards

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be True To Yourself

Be True To Yourself

Hello There, TeejTracy here,

Just thought I could help out a bit, with some Helpful Tips 4 Blessings, I am not all that experienced, but in the past few years I have Learnt a lot, and Still Learning every Hour of Every day.
I, as a Youngster went through many Trials and Tears, We All have in our own Way, and this is what makes us who we are Today. I have and still am trying each and every day to "Practice what I Preach", as the saying goes, So Here Goes:

There's Not a Single person in this world that hasn't struggled or overcome difficulties at some point in their life.
We All face Challenges and Discouragement. At this very moment you may be facing one, whether its related to Money, Partners, Children, Health, Family, or Careers,

Recognize those Obstacles, they are apart of your Journey,
Don't let them stop You and Never Give Up!
Instead think of them as stepping stones, once passed, you'll be closer to your goals.
Don't ever forget that with Every Challenge, You become Stronger, Wiser and more prepared for the rest of Your Journey!!!
You Are Never Alone Through This Journey Called Life!

Believe that You're Special,
Through the hurt and the pain,
For the Sunshine will come,
After the rain.
Hold on to your dreams,
Let them not die
and live not in torment,
By questioning, why?
The answers are somewhere and sometimes unkind,
with so many reasons you never will find.
Be true to yourself!
Don't be what you're not,
for often you'll find
You're all that you've got.
Don't become battered
by games people play
and don't take to heart
what others might say.
You've got so much life
and so much to give
So go out and enjoy it,
Go out there and live.
Though heartaches are many
and tears they will flow,
The more you live,
The more you will grow.
There are many who love you,
Don't ever forget.
Let the past be a lesson
You do not regret!

(Author Unknown)

It is so very True, Don't just Dream, Live your dream.
We are All Unique, Every persons Life is a Fairytale written by God.
Honour your character and embrace your life Experiences.

Remember these 4 easy rules:
Free your Heart from Hatred, Forgive Always.
Free your Mind from ALL Worries,
Live Simply, Stop wanting what you don't have and Appreciate what you Do have! Give More and Expect Less.

So Until Next Time, Be Blessed.

Warm Regards

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to Tips 4 Blessings

Welcome to Tips 4 Blessings

Hello there, TeejTracy here,

Welcome and Thank You for visiting my Blog, I hope You Enjoy, please feel free to try and apply it to Your Daily Life, it will make a Difference, Guarenteed!

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Warmest Regards
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