Thursday, July 23, 2009

TeejTracy God My Healer

Hello There, TeejTracy Here
(Please give All Credit to the Unknown Authors and Artists of These Words and Images)

I Hope You are Shinning and Smiling For ALL The World to See.
I Received Great News on Wed 22 July 2009,
The Doctors Informed me that I am 90% Healed and It has only Been 4 months!
They were so Surprised, I wasn’t, because I Knew and I Know that
The Lord God is The Healer of ALL!

I Know that I have a Purpose here on Earth, that’s why I survived my Operation,
and I am so Very Grateful for Going Through It.
You Have Purpose too, that’s why You Are Still Here. . . Embrace It.

Thanks again To Everyone for Your Love, Support and Most of All, Prayers.

Remember that Whatever Betide You at this Very Moment,
God Will Bring You Through it!

GOD . . .
The Power of Prayer is Amazing and The Lord says that if 2 or more Pray for it in His Name then it shall Be done.
SO . . . . PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens!

So Be:
To Everyone You See or Meet, you Never know what Their Journey is about!

You Are:

Because You are a Child of The Lord.

The 3 L’s of Life:

Enjoy Every Moment, Minute, Hour, Day and SMILE (Its contagious, so Spread the Love!)

Bye for Now
Stay Blessed and Keep Shinning ‘N Smiling!

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Vivienne said...

What an inspirational post. It is very true. Prayer with faith works! Awesome blog. Keep posting. I love to read what you write.