Sunday, July 5, 2009

How God Saved my Failing Kidney

How God Saved my Failing Kidney

Hello Friends, TeejTracy here…

This my Short Story of how God saved me…

All throughout my life, I have been to numerous doctors and specialists and each one said something different. I had been suffering with sharp pains, skin rashes and fainting a lot, especially when standing for too long. Every couple of months the sharp pain would come back worse than before. The pain felt like a stitch, from your hip up to the middle of your rib cage, from the front to the back.

As I was growing up, I was diagnosed with Urinary tract infection, with no explanation as to why I was getting it and was just treated with Antibiotics.

As a young adult, everytime I fell ill I received a different diagnoses, from Anemia to a hole in my womb from a Birth Control pill.In the meantime, I kept losing more weight, fainting more often, more abdominal pains than ever before, skin rashes worsened and my skin colour turned a brighter yellow.

I had moved in with my Mom and went to the Provincial Hospital. It was here that a young Radiologist decided to investigate a little further and saw something that wasn’t right, she then referred me to another specialized who took more blood and urine tests and on receiving the results, he scheduled the IVP X-ray.After doing an IVP X-ray, the Doctors discovered that I had Pyleonaphritis and they expected the worse, I might have needed a Kidney Transplant.

My main cause of Pyleonaphritis which is a Kidney Disease was mainly from my Biological father and grandfather, they both took Anabolic Steroids and my grandfather on the other side of the family took Quenine for his Malaria many years ago.

I was then referred to Madadeni Provincial Hospital, which is a Training Hospital.I saw the Urologists, and they immediately asked when they could operate. It was only then that I realized how very ill I was and was told that I only had a 50% chance of surviving the operation.

I went searching for a second opinion , all the Doctors had to do was check the paperwork and say Yay or Nay, but was unsuccessful. So we took it as a sign that maybe we were on the right track and I wasn’t meant to have a second opinion.

The Lord works in Weird and Wonderful ways!
I think it was He’s way of telling us to have Faith in a Him, put it in His Hands and whatever is meant to be, it will happen.

On the 16th March 2009, I was booked into Bed 9, Ward G3, Madadeni Provincial Hospital and went into Theatre on the 19th March 2009.

The whole time I was in Hospital, I kept my Bible right by my side and kept Revising, Praying and asking The Lord for Guidance and Strength.

Well…2 times in Theatre, four and a half hour major operation, 2 months recuperating and I’m still standing, living as normally as I can. The Lord saved me and I now know that I do have a Purpose!

YES! GOD IS GREAT. . . . . . .

I am truly Blessed to have The Lord, My Mother, Brothers and Sisters, Family and Friends all over the World, the Specialist Expertise of my three Doctors and the Nursing Staff at Madadeni, Everyone that supported with Prayers, SMS’s and Calls, it has brought me to where I am today.
Thank You to Everyone!

Stay Positive and Keep Smiling!
Warmest Regards


TrudyVan said...

Goodness TeejTracy. I never thought you would every put your kidney operation pics up. Your last picture is really cool. Caught me by surprise

Vivienne said...

Wow!! How amazing is this fantastic miraculous story! You really are a little miracle and I'm so honoured to be a follower of this blessed blog. Prayers really do get answered. You look amazing!! You sound like I imagine an angel sounds like and I know as sure as I am sitting here that God does indeed have a purpose for your life here. You already bless the lives of all of us who are fortunate enough to know and love you.